Your office is where you will be spending most of your day. This is why when you plan or decorate the interior space, you have to focus on being functional, ergonomic but also pleasant to the occupants.

No one will want to work in an office that has chairs that are too uncomfortable or lights that is not bright enough. At the same time, if the office space is bland and bare, with too bright light this can negatively affect the minds of the employees and as a result, the productivity too. So how you do you mix functionality with aesthetic in your office? Take a look at the following tips to find out.

1.     Open and Spacey

An open plan layout is one of the most recommended interior layouts for modern offices. This creates the feeling of having space, even when you are decorating a small area. Reducing the number of partitions, separating walls and choosing furniture of the right size can help you achieve this. The trick is to use the maximum available floor space but not cramming it. Search for ergonomic office fitouts in Brisbane to find fit outs that would suit the available space in your office.

2.     Light

Having adequate lighting is always a good trick when creating a welcoming and a wholesome feeling inside a work space. Since you are focussing on a work space, it is important to remember that the light plays an important role in the productivity of the staff; enough or adequate light helps them to focus on the tasks better while dim, gloomy spaces will discourage the employees. Try to let in natural light as much as possible during the day time. Reducing the use artificial lighting during the day will also help to reduce your energy costs.

However, you can add task lighting to work areas. Certain workstations and tables may be facing away from the window or the ceiling lights. Providing employees who work in those areas with task lighting will help them to do better in tasks such as typing, reading or writing.

3.     Glass Walls

Inside the office, having glass partitions will create the illusion of a more open space than having opaque walls. There are several other benefits to glass walls as well. They will make it easier when installing lights. Unlike normal walls or partitions, glass do not block light so several areas of the office can share the same light. Glass will also make it easier to disperse the natural light. They are minimal and help the office to achieve a sleek and modern look.  The employees will still have their privacy but with a more lit up and open office.

4.     Breakout Spaces

A whole day where the employees continuously stare at the computer in a space filled with other desks and computers can get depressing. Instead, create some break out space in your office where the employees can break away from the monotony of the work area. Having more than one break out space will also help.

For example, you can have one area where the employees can have meals and engage in a relaxing activity for a few minutes. You can also create a space where the employees perform their duties in an area outside the work space. This can be space that is more vividly decorated than the main work area; where groups can gather for brainstorming, casual meetings or even where somewhere employees can retreat into when they need a change of scenery.

5.     Decoration

Office decoration also needs to be mood boosting elements that can help the employees relax. One of the ways to achieve this is by adding green plants as a decorating accessory. Green plants are known for creating a relaxed and a calming mood into interior spaces. Pick some wall art or paintings to add some colour to your walls. Go for images that create a calming or a vibrant feeling instead of ones that look dull or gloomy. You can also choose to have elements such as office pets, fish tanks etc.

While the main function of an office is to increase the productivity and ensure good work ethic from the employees, it also should focus on making the employees feel happy and welcome.