If you want to find out about the major ways traffic starts, this article is perfect for you as we’ll be running through everything you need to know. If interested, keep reading.

The Roads Are Too Small

In countries that lack proper infrastructure, you’ll see traffic quite a bit because the roads aren’t developed that well. One of the biggest faults in the roads is that they’re not big enough. As they’re so small, vehicles can’t pass through it without getting stuck.

The thing is if the road is relatively narrow yet it’s not a one-way passage, there’ll be a block as the vehicles coming from the opposite direction would find it hard to reverse, especially if there are other vehicles behind.

That’s why countries are starting to make smaller roads one way, and they’re beginning to expand road so that they’re not so narrow.

The Roads Aren’t Done Well

As mentioned, countries with a lack of infrastructure struggle with traffic. Another reason why is that their roads are full of potholes and other obstructions.

As you can imagine, driving in such a location is not good as you could hit a pot hall, puncturing your tires. This would leave your vehicle stuck in the middle of the road, causing traffic. What’s worse is, if you’ve hit a pothole and broke your vehicle down in a road that isn’t one way, you’ll be starting a traffic block in both directions.

The Drivers Are Careless

Even if you have proper infrastructure in your country, you’re still prone to major traffic as people aren’t the smartest. Drivers are unpredictable, so they can do a myriad of things while on the road, causing a traffic block.

For example, the owner of a car may stop it on the side of the road to speak to his friend on the phone, but stopping on the side of the road isn’t the best thing to do as you’re blocking vehicles behind you, causing a jam.

What’s more, is, there are countless reckless drivers out there, so they could make the wrong turn and hit another car. Not only does this affect the lives of the passengers in both vehicles, but by getting into an accident, you’re causing traffic as the road won’t be cleared up until the vehicles are moved out of the way which could take hours.

The Roads Aren’t Marked

Roads need to be marked if you want to avoid traffic, making the roads safer to drive on. This is as if they’re not marked properly, the vehicles won’t see the appropriate signs which would cause them to make a wrong turn and end up in a crash, causing a blockage.

There Are Too Many Vehicles

The country may be booming with a large population on the streets. This isn’t good if you don’t have enough roads as you’re forcing the population down the same paths, causing the vehicles to concentrate and cause a blockage.

As you can see, there are many ways traffic can form. Hopefully, you enjoyed this article, finding the above points useful.