You really want more than a metal desk and an extra chair shoved into a spare corner, whether your home office is a designated space for running a business, your remote workspace, or simply a nook for paying bills and organizing your schedule. Why? You’ll want to work late in an office that reflects the style and comfort of the rest of your home.

Because you will be spending a lot of time in the home office, don’t be stingy with space, for example, put a small table in a windowless closet to keep rooms that are rarely used. This means that your workspace should serve you, not the other way around. Before investing in furniture, consider your workflow and needs at your fingertips. Then look for jobs that are beautiful and practical.  Instead of screaming “a cubicle without a soul,” your home office furniture should complement the other rooms in your home. In a traditional home, warm woods and comfortable two-seater chairs or sofas are ideal, as long as you have enough space to accommodate them. Modern home office furniture can be made of metal or artwork. For furniture shopping, you could browse the range online. In addition, office chairs last a long time; a beautiful, ergonomic, and comfortable chair is worth investing in.

Abandon the “office beige” and choose a color that allows your creativity to flow! For some of us, it can be a bright and cheerful color, such as orange or lime green. Others need a soothing hue, such as plant green or seafoam blue, for the best results. How does color affect your mood? Work accordingly to that topic.

Furthermore, when you look up from your computer, you should be able to see something more interesting than a blank wall even if you like the color. In a windowless room, hang an attractive photo on the table or place a chair directly in front of the door. A cute mug for storing trendy pencil holders, notepads, and sticky notes, and a decorative trash can. These are great additions to your home office unless you choose a modern style. Wrap your bulletin boards with beautiful fabrics and hide your shelves behind curtains made of the same material to make them look more elegant. Whether it’s your child’s framed artwork or classic painting, you can hang inspiring prints on the wall.

If you want to make your computer, printer, and mobile phone look better, you need to hide unsightly cables. If you need to unplug the device, make sure it is close to the power outlet. If you want to avoid eye strain and headaches, make sure your office is well lit. Placing a small lamp on your desk as work lighting will help reduce glare from windows or overhead lights.

Finally, if you’re stuck in the office, you can put some of your favorite trinkets or photos on your desk to create your own mini sanctuary. This will motivate you to create and/or complete things so you can go.