Having a pet dog can seem like an extremely low maintenance job in the movies, reality does not work the same way. There are several steps and health regimes you have to take your dog through to ensure they are kept clean, active and are eating a well-balanced and nutritional diet.

Your canine friend does long for physical affection and love (most pet breeds do), but physical health is just as vital as their emotional and mental health. Do not get overwhelmed, once you put these tips into practice your dog will be overflowing in good physical health:

Keep Skin free of Ticks

A dog’s skin is deemed healthy when it is flexible, without scabs and extensively smooth. The last thing you will see are red or white patches. Regularly do checks on your dog for any unwanted parasites, ticks, lice or fleas. You can do this by blowing gently on your canine’s stomach area or brush the coat of hair in a backwards manner in a few areas.

Be observant as you may see a small black speck moving about or a tick clinging on for dear life when doing so. In addition, have regular bathing schedules to keep that coat clean and fresh free of excessive oiliness, bald spots and dandruff.

Clean the Ears

Here is something you don’t read very frequently. The skin within your pet’s ears should be pretty in light pink! A tiny amount of wax is nothing to be alarmed about, however an extensive amount of wax in the ear is just not normal. Keep in mind that dogs with longer ears might need more attention as more wax tends to accumulate. Always make sure that your dog’s ears are dry and are being cleaned out frequently.

Pay Attention to the Mouth

The first place to check are the gums, they should be pink, spotted or black, anything else is a cause for precaution. To examine your pet’s mouth, talk sweetly to them, then place your hand over the muzzle and lift as gently as possible. Ensure the baby teeth are not obstructing the adult teeth, gums are in good shape and breath is not foul smelling.

If there is any white or yellow matter grab the tooth brush and get the plaque out of the way. Infections in the mouth area could lead to gum problems and can even negatively affect other organs in the body such as heart. Therefore, it is vital to maintain dental hygiene for overall health.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

A healthy weight is maintained through regular exercise and a balanced diet. Getting raw chicken necks for dogs and mixing it with vegetables and the right amount of carbs will ensure a well-balanced meal for your canine pal. Don’t give too many snacks between meals as this could easily lead to obesity, especially if the furry friend is not receiving the right amount of exercise.

If you can feel the ribs of your dog without too much padding, then you know the weight is in a good place. On the other hand, if you do not, well maybe it’s time to tone down on the treats and head out to the park more often.

Let’s keep our dogs in the best possible shape by ensuring they stay fit, clean and healthy!