With tons of advantages over traditional sewing, the entire world is rapidly embracing the super convenient PDF-based sewing. Thus, it is quite natural for entrepreneurs to invade that area of the market as well.

However, what’s hard to invade is the stability of a well-establishing sewing company. Although there are several fundamental factors that you should consider, they cover vast areas individually. Specific questions are pinpointed at specific needs; thus, asking these questions would help you choose a better supplier in the 2020s.

I’m new to the subject; how comprehensive are your tutorials?

Anyone can pirate a PDF document and sell it online; but how convenient is it going to be for a beginner? Whether you were or not, most of the pattern companies want to ensure that everyone is treated in the same way. Thus, when you ask this question from your supplier, the answer should contain the following features as per the comprehensiveness.

Full-color tutorial with interactive links, step-by-step guide to getting started, comprehensive guides for cutting, printing, the size, the fit, the fabric, the trim, and especially the finished garment measurement. If at least one of these assets is missing, either you should figure out a way to fulfill that or let the option go altogether.

How can I check your product catalog?

If you really wanted to settle for less, you’d simply shop in an online store where the options are the least. Now that you’re looking to customize things as much as you can, you should be having enough options to choose from. Whether it was a dress, loungewear, a pant, a pair of shorts, a top, a seasonal pattern or even a specific pattern such as a bohemian skirt pattern, you should have enough options.

This expected need of the clients has encouraged the Australian apparel companies to launch websites; in fact, the possession of a sleek website is going to serve you as a product catalog. But be sure to investigate the features of each product thoroughly since PDF patterns cannot be refunded due to obvious reasons.

What’s the average price of a pattern?

Prices always change depending on the shop and the complexity of the dress. But you can get a fully comprehensive dress, tops, and even loungewear for less than 8$. But you need to make sure that you’re fully aware of all the features to reduce all sorts of fabric and size incompatibilities. Before making a purchase, evaluate the number of types of variations that a single pattern can deliver too.

Are these patterns royalty-free for a small-scale business?

Owning a small-scale apparel business is a great starting point for a fashion empire. Digital patterns can certainly be used to speed up the process and deliver outfits with a more homemade touch. However, not all companies are happy with the commercial use of their patterns while some encourage you to. Asking this direction question would certainly show you the stance of the establishment so you won’t be breaching intellectual rights.