Adults spend almost a third of their day at work whether it is at the office or even in your own home office. You might not notice it but your office space actually has a huge impact on how you perform at work. Aside from the mood, it also affects how creative and productive you are in the tasks that you’re doing that’s why office décor is really an important aspect in the workplace.

Decorating an office space is not that hard and expensive at all. Most likely, you’ll only need to decorate your own desk and a small portion of the wall so you don’t need a lot of things to beautify this small space. Make your workspace more appealing and welcoming by trying out these simple decorating tips.

Personalize Your Space

The simplest thing you can do to beautify an office is to personalize it. Own the space by putting decorations that speak out your personality and preferences. For instance, you could add some photos, notes, frames, and things that would help increase the functionality of your space like shelves and organization solutions.

You could even hang a wall art if you have a bigger wall space in your working area. Did you know that you could actually buy art as a tax deduction? If you’re working in an office and plan to get an artwork for the sole purpose of displaying it in the office, claiming artwork as a tax deduction is actually a great way to pay for it. Take advantage of this perk and make your office more beautiful.

Bring Nature In

Nature brings a relaxing feeling to any space, whether it is at home or a commercial establishment. If you have a window near your office space, let the natural light and fresh air in by opening it from time to time. You could also place plants around your office to bring life in your space. There are some low maintenance plants that are perfect for offices such as succulents, snake plant, spider plant, bromeliad, and many more. Even just one or two plants are enough to make a difference.

Consider the Lighting, Colours, and Shapes

These three factors have different effects on people especially on their productivity at work. For instance, circular tables and seating arrangements encourage teamwork and collaboration plus it is more aesthetic to look at compared to square layouts.

If you want to boost analytical and evaluative thinking among your employees, brighter lights are the best to use. For workers that need a creativity boost to do their work, dimmer lights are the perfect choice. The colours used in the workplace also play a huge role on the employees. Green and blue helps boost one’s creative side while the boldness of red fosters attention to detail and focus.

It is natural to feel tired and stressed during working. However, you could decorate your office space to help you relax more when you’re feeling stressed and boost your productivity all throughout the day.