Do you want to revamp your space so it reflects both on your style and gives off a professional look? It can be a tough balance but a necessary one nonetheless. There are basic rules you can follow to make this happen easily! Read on for some simple steps.


From a computer to furniture, you’re going to have to find space to store all these items. Nothing’s worse than having things where they don’t belong. Those IBE HP printers, while a necessary equipment in the office, will inevitably lead to build-up of papers so don’t forget to have a designated section for all printouts. Having a good filing system to store all your necessary documents makes up the core of a professional working space. If you’re just beginning your start up and you’re looking for potential spaces, don’t forget to rent out a space with a basement, purely for storage purposes. This will really save you some much needed space.


The reception is the introductory point of your business to any client. This is why it needs to be spotless! Specially as a start-up business, you might not think hiring a receptionist should be high on a priority list, but having a bright, witty personality ready to greet your waiting clients if you’re busy makes all the difference between a normal office and a professional one.


Clients are always unconsciously reading the layout of the setting they’re placed in. Firstly, you need to have a waiting room or a special lounge for clients. Also keep in mind that a dull setting would probably not give your employees the right working mindset as well. Chose comfortable, acceptable working gear so their performance will be uninterrupted and don’t forget to buy furniture for a lounge during breaks so employees can unwind.

Good lighting

Lighting is a very important aspect of a working space. For one, many studies claim that poor lighting directly lowers productivity and satisfaction. So especially if the natural light doesn’t come through enough (a lack of windows etc.) a proper lighting system needs to be in place. With the right fixtures your space can look chic. Pair it with lighter painted walls, and you’ll have a vibrant setting in place. Also, remember that while table lamps are extremely functional, floor lamps just give your office a whole new classy look.


Plants give your working environment a rather fresh and vibrant outlook. Studies say that it even helps with productivity and brings about positives’ changes within the workplace.  Not to mention that it makes your office much more welcoming to clients with that lush greenery well taken care of. Dead plants and wilted flowers, however, are something that you’ll want to avoid at all costs because it speaks volumes on how well you manage your space so if you feel like you won’t be able to hire staff for regular watering, then don’t get plants.

These are the simplest ways of giving your office a professional look. It all boils down to impeccable detail with each and every one of these steps. With everything organized perfectly, an aesthetically pleasing office and a harmonious workforce, your work environment will look as professional as possible.