The cost of the tyres is not just limited to the tube but also an entire suspension system and the wheels as well. Thus, it is important to pay attention to all these aspects when driving a vehicle. Although you may have read enough about mistakes that reduce the lifetime of your tyres, how many of you are truly aware of the techniques that can be implemented to extend the lifetime?

In this read, we will look at the 4 fundamental rules to extend the lifetime of your tyres in the most optimal way.

Ideally timed tyre rotation

Every tyre is supposed to touch the road simultaneously and exert the same pressure. After all, that’s the whole point of balancing and aligning your wheels. But despite how amazingly perfect the balance and the alignment of your wheels, there also can be a marginal error. This marginal error is why your tyres wear off uneven and faster. The solution for this is tyre rotation; all you need to do is interchange the tyre locations. In doing so, you need to stick to a pattern. But there’s one last thing to do.

We need to ask ourselves how keen we are in reassuring the extent of fixation of the wheel to the vehicle. After a rotation job, done by us since what’s the point in seeing a mechanic change a tyre, most of us would just drive off. Instead, you should ensure the optimal tightness of the nuts of the wheels. If not, with all the perfect alignment, balance, and the wheels themselves, the tyres would wear off quicker. Thus, be sure to invest in wheel nut indicators that last for a lifetime to ensure that either you or the mechanic did the job right.

Driving with inadequate tyre pressure

The air inside the tyre is what allows the tyre to come in contact with the surface ideally. Thus, there’s no doubt that you should pay attention to the air pressure of your tyres. Despite how new or old your tyres are, you can always extend their lifetime by sticking to the mechanic’s recommendations.

Because what we normally do is pump up the air on our own as much as we can being under the impression that more air means better cruising. This is wrong; the reason why you feel a bit faster is due to the poor grip on the surface and that’s quite dangerous. On the flip side, too little air leaves off the middle tread line. Hence, you need to ensure that the air pressure of your wheels is always in the right amount so that your tyres would last the longest.

Timely tread depth inspection

Paying attention to how the treads of your tyres wear off is rather a technique. Because if you were to check it every single day, you’re not going to be able to notice the depth difference. Thus, this tread depth inspection must be well-timed; maybe after 2-3 months. But if you don’t keep a photograph of the initial conditions with you, comparing would be impractical; don’t do that mistake.