Whether you are new to exploring cocktails or you are looking to get out of your comfort zone and try new beverages, a restaurant with an extensive cocktail menu will be a great way to start your journey.

You need to have a good idea of the basics when it comes to deciphering the cocktail menu.

There are basic categories that you can learn about. For example, there are classic cocktails such as Martinis and then signature creations that are specific to the restaurant. There are also tropical drinks. You can find the cocktail menus of certain restaurants online as well. For example, you can visit the official website of Mr & Mrs P Brighton Bayside to find their wine and cocktail menu. You need to think about your flavour preferences before you choose a cocktail. For example, consider your liking for savoury, sweet, bitter and tart flavours. By having a good idea of your preferred taste, you can then choose cocktails that align with your palate. The good thing about many cocktail menus is that they will have a small description under the drink that specifies its flavour profile so that you have an idea of what to choose.               

Many restaurants have signature cocktails

Where the in-house mixologists create unique concoctions. There will be so many creative flavour combinations you can try this way and they will also be presented in innovative ways adding a lot of fun to your exploration. You can get an idea of the distinct personality of the restaurant by trying their signature cocktails. And it is always good to ask the bartender or the server for recommendations as they will have a good idea of the cocktail menu of the restaurant. You can let them know your preferences so that they can make a few suggestions on what you may like. You have to let them know if there are any spirits that you prefer along with any preferences. The base spirit of the cocktail is what forms its foundation and this is what affects it overall character the most. You can therefore search about the distinct qualities of gin, rum, vodka, tequila, whiskey etc. Experimenting with these gradually will give you a better understanding and help you choose a spirit that you prefer the most.

You can also experiment with craft cocktails.

These will have syrups that are made in-house, creative garnishes and artisanal ingredients. This will give you a unique drinking experience. There are seasonal influences when it comes to cocktail menus. The herbs, fruits and spices in season will generally be incorporated in the cocktail and you can choose a cocktail that aligns with the present season to experience a fresh flavour combination. The mixer will also affect the character and flavour of the cocktail so you can experiment with different fruit juices, tonic and soda. This will help you decide what you have a preference for. There will also be mixers specific for different cocktails so this will also give you an idea of how these are used.