A warehouse can be defined as the heart of an organization’s distribution function as it performs the functions of receiving, handling, storing and issuing of materials between the supplier and the customer in an effective and efficient manner. While it is an integral part of a supply chain, a storehouse facility is no safe haven! Every year, thousands of injuries and even fatalities are reported as a result of accidents occurring in these facilities, and these number only seem to grow with time. In this article, we will discuss a few things that you can do as a warehousing manager to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your workers at all times.

Shelving With Care

A storehouse must always optimize their space utilization and store as much as possible vertically, without using up too much floor space. In doing so, workers will have to reach into shelves located at elevated positions using ladders and machines and perform the storing activities in potentially dangerous conditions. It is important that they follow the set guidelines and instructions when engaging in these activities without looking to cut corners or find shortcuts. Shelves must never be stacked beyond what they can accommodate. And special attention must be given to the weight distribution along a shelf because otherwise it might result in the collapsing of entire racks which might prove to be devastating.

Safer Loading Docks

Loading docks are perhaps one of the busiest areas of a warehouse where multiple machines and men work together to keep the loading and unloading operations running smoothly without any halts. In such busy conditions, it is easy for employees to get too involved in the work that they do and accidentally walk into or stand in an area that they are not supposed to be in, which will put their lives and the lives of the people around them in danger. Safety signage, railings, brightly coloured floor tapes that demarcate the storehouse floor are all things that can be used to increase the awareness of the workers about the surrounding in which they work in and keep accidents to a minimum. Hire a reputed Sydney warehouse safety company to assess your facility’s specific safety requirements and recommend improvements and infrastructural changes that will work best for you.

Proper Ventilation

Ventilation is one of the most important factors in any facility where large numbers of people work in close quarters. This becomes especially important in the case of warehouses, particularly because the many different vehicles and machines that operate all day long, which result in substantial emission of exhaust from these units, which must be effectively directed out of the storehouse.

When proper circulation is absent, these potentially hazardous gases can get stagnated and over time, cause serious health related problems to the occupants. To prevent this from ever happening, include as many air circulating points as possible and make sure the windows are never obstructed by the internal contents. The high racks which tower several meters vertically can obstruct the airflow by standing right in front of a window. Instruct your workers to always be mindful of such dangers.