For farmers and gardeners, weed growth can be a big challenge and it can take a lot of time to combat. Some of the traditional ways of getting rid of weeds are use of chemical herbicides and manual weeding. Chemical herbicides can be harmful to the environment and manual weeding can be labour intensive. These methods are also not effective all the time. But weedmats provide a solution that is sustainable and efficient to this persistent problem.

Weedmats are also called landscape fabric

And they are permeable barriers that can be placed over soil so that weed germination and growth and be inhibited. Woven or non-woven materials like polypropylene or polyester are used for this. These materials will allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate through the mat while blocking sunlight needed for weeds. There are environmental benefits of weedmats given their environmental friendliness. This is because this can help reduce the need to use weed control methods such as chemical herbicides bringing down the contamination of soil and water down. This can help protect ecosystems and wildlife. The use of a weedmat will also prevent soil erosion and improve moisture retention of soil contributing to soil health. This will ensure healthier plant growth and reduce the amount of water used. Soil moisture is retained when you use weedmats because evaporation is reduced. Water flow through is optimised. And the water flow treatment will allow liquids to penetrate into the soil quicker and ensure there is maximum retention of water around plant roots. This is a great way to conserve water and promote the growth of plants.

When sunlight is blocked to weeds,

It will suppress their growth and this will create an optimal environment for our crops. This is because the competition for moisture and nutrients reduced with the reduction of weeds. This way the plants can allocate more resources to grow. Soil temperature is maintained along with optimal humidity levels so that a stable microclimate can be created for healthy development of roots. Weedmats are a great alternative to chemical herbicides as you don’t need to use these harmful substances to save your crops. You will not need to frequently spray the crops or even carry out manual weeding so that time, labour and resources can be saved. You will be able to maintain safer working conditions for the workers as a result.

Weedmats can supress the growth of weeds

And weeds can decline drastically with the use of these. This is because of the physical barrier created by the mats so that weed seeds cannot germinate or emerge. These mats are easy to install and maintain so it can be very convenient for farmers and gardeners. You can lay the weedmats over the prepared soil and have them secured with pins or stakes. You can then cut holes to plan what you want. Long term weed control will be provided by these mats and you can adjust them from time to time.